Supercharged SEO – Technical set-up and SEO Tools – How SEO works in eight lessons 4/8

In this fourth video we look at the technical set up of a site for SEO. Don’t be put off by the word ‘technical’ as it is all easily accessible for the average marketer.

We look at why the speed of your server is super-critical. Google will always rank a faster site higher than identical one that is slower.

We should all know that all sites now need to be secure (https) as this changed years ago. Without this, you’ll always struggle to rank. We’ll look at why you need a sitemap and how easy it is to add one. Even Neil Patel now raves about how important this is to allow Google to look deep inside your site. But, in conjunction with your robots.txt file, it also stops them looking at the bits you don’t want indexing too.

Anyway, let’s crack on and we’ll show you that even the technical stuff is pretty easy to understand and implement.

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