Advanced On Page SEO Tutorial In Bengali 2020 (Ultimate Guide)

Advanced On Page SEO Tutorial In Bengali 2020 (Ultimate Guide)

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1. Performance
2. Crawling & Indexing
3. Keywords
4. Content
5. Images
6. Video
7. Links
8. User Experience (UX)
9. Local
10. Structured Data
11. YMYL & E-A-T
12. Goal Completions
13. Design & User Interface (UI)

1. Google Analytics.

2. Tracking keyword.

Crawling & Indexing
3. Is your page crawlable?

4. Is your page indexable?

5. Are you targeting the right keyword? (DR, Backlinks, Total Linking Root Domains, Word count)
6. Keyword cannibalization.
7. Check your page satisfy search intent? (Informational, Transactional,
Comparison, Navigational)
8. Check keyword in the title
9. Check your title click worthy (CTR)
10. You Can use modifiers to your title
11. Make Sure all titles under or over 65 characters
12. Check your title wrapped in an H1 tag?
13. Make sure your primary keyword in the meta description?
14. Check meta description click-worthy.
15. Check primary keyword in the URL?
16. Check URL structure.
17. Check keyword in the first sentence.
18. Compare keyword density with competitors.

19. Check variations of your primary keyword.
20. Check you added synonyms (LSI keywords) of your primary keyword into the copy?

21. Check your content is different & better than your competitors.
(multimedia, Faq, accurate info)
22. Check spelling and grammatical errors.
23. Check content is longer than competitors.

24. Check your content written well.
(it is a skill, Keep continue writing and reading to improve, hire writer)
25. Check your content is scannable.
Internet users scan before they read.
26. Check your content is understandable.
27. Check your content engaging.
28. Check you use short paragraphs
29. Check your headings structured logically.
30. Check you are using descriptive headings
31. Check you used keyword variations, LSIs, or synonyms in your headings.
32. Check you are using bullet points and numbered lists.
33. Check your content is updated.

34. Check you used more images than competitors.
35. Check your images is unique.
36. Check your images high-quality.
37. Check you are using the right image format
38. Check your images sized appropriately.
39. Check your images compressed.

40. Check your images have descriptive file names.
41. Check you used ALT tags.

42. Check you have video content.
43. Check the video is relevant to primary keyword.
44. Check the videos unique to your brand?
45. Check the videos high-quality and valuable.
46. Check the video is responsive?

47. Check the videos hosted on the right platform?
48. Check the videos are optimized?

49. Check you used internal links.
50. Check your internal links using descriptive anchor text.
51. Check your internal links optimized based on first link priority?
52. Check the page have breadcrumbs.
53. Check your internal links useful.
54. Check your internal links using preferred URLs.
55. Check your page have external links.
56. Check all affiliate, sponsored, or paid links using a “NoFollow” tag.
57. Check your external links set to open in a new window.
58. Check your page has not broken links.
59. Check all your links clearly links.

User Experience (UX)
60. Check your page load in less than 3 seconds.
( or )
61. Check your page responsive and mobile friendly.
62. Check your website have an SSL certificate installed.
63. Check font type legible and easy to read on all devices.
64. Check font size large enough to easily read on all devices.
65. Check foreced action.
66. Check aggressive ad placements.

67. Check your address prominently displayed.

Structured Data
68. Check your address using structured data.
69. Check your page using structured data?
70. Check the structured data set up correctly.

E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), or Page Quality
YMYL (Your Money or Your Life)
71. Are you giving health, financial or legal advice?
72. Have the appropriate disclaimers?
73. Do you provide sources of information?
74. Have any visible author?
75. Is the author credible and qualified to write about the topic?
76. Does every blog post have a detailed author box/bio?
77. Does each author have a dedicated and detailed author page?

Goal Completions
78. Does the page have a clear call-to-action (CTA)?
79. Is the page shareable?

Design & User Interface (UI)
80. Is the website design modern and updated?


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